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Recent App Updates

Hello Church Connect Users!!

We are currently working on a new build of the app, but here are a few updates from the latest version that has been released! This version of the app has fixed some minor bugs that had been reported by some of you, so thank you for continuing to report any issues you see. Amongst these fixes was an issue with the Pastor Announcements feature that has been resolved. If you need to be set up with Pastor messaging privileges or would like help in learning how to use this feature (if you are a Pastor or are entrusted with creating Pastor announcements for your church), please contact us!

Additionally, there were some changes to the COVID vaccination module in order to deliver more information related to COVID-19, and then some safety checks were added to the physical activity section in order to ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy. So talk to Clara about some physical activity goal setting or nutrition for this summer season!

In other news, the development team is working on bringing you a new feature in the next release that will allow individuals in your congregation to deliver morning missives to the community! We will update you on how exactly that feature works once it's released.

As always thank you for your support on this project! We greatly appreciate all of your feedback and help in our design endeavors. If you would like to participate in any of the ongoing studies that are a part of the project, please let us know! To find out more about the current ongoing opportunities, please reach out to our research coordinator at

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