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March News and Updates to the App!

Hello BMATP Church Connect Users,

We would like to say welcome to the two new churches that have just joined! And once again we owe a big thank you to our other churches and congregation members who have continued to support us on this project.

As of this week we have released a new version of the app. This update has fixed some of the previous notification issues, and adjusted the icons on the main menu so that they now appear larger.

There are also a couple of new (hopefully exciting!) features that have been added to this version of the app! You can now receive snippets of the latest COVID-19 related news from Clara, which will be updated regularly. We also created a way for you to listen to the Bible stories without having to tap the menu as much! So go for a walk with Clara and have her tell you the Bible story of the day!

A bug report button has also been added to this version of the app, so it is easier than ever to let us know about any issues you are experiencing. We always appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to improve the app!

Here is what our bug report button looks like:

When you tap the button it will bring you to a form to fill out. Feel free to include as much or as little information as you like! The form will look like this:

We are also looking to recruit a few more church member testers and key informants to take part in focus groups and design workshops. Testers and key informants are paid. To find out more contact Aisling Kearns at 617-373-5639 or!

To update your app hit the 'download the app' button located on this website or use these links. NOTE: You may need to uninstall the old version of the app to update it. When you install the new version just enter your phone # and it should sign you in to your account, no invite code needed.

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